Webosaurs Expert Videos

  1. these videos are mega awesome

  2. Sweet vids Sludge!


  3. Hey sludge,

    It’s Me Devonmed i don’t have a video up on my site yet and i here you are great for making video’s. i watched em all AND THEY ARE GREAT! so i was wondering if you could make a video for my site and i will put on the post thanks so much form help from sludge

    _________________________________________________ In the video i wood like…
    the song: Down (Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne)
    and me singing from place form place

  4. Can I be in the next music vid you make? Unless you only do famous ppl and I’m not allowed cause I’m not famous

  5. um how did u get ur vid not to have a watermark what did u use?

  6. ignodude/ignoman/dancemaster/pokelover2

    cool vids sludge i seen’em all

  7. webosaursoptimas

    i wish i could be in a vid

  8. sludge, are you a PJO fan too? not the movie, the actual book. have you read Rick Riordan’s new book, The Red Pyramid?

  9. wow i cant believe u got mods to help u out with it

  10. hey sluge rockin vid. If you no anybody that plays pandanda tell them there’s an awesome blog called I saw a little add for pandanda on somebodys blog but i can t remember who. if u play or even if u dont check it out and tell me what u think. purdy purdy please?

  11. the post above was from Rocky149

  12. Hey dude spectacular vids. I ‘ve seen ’em all a million times.

  13. yo were is that golf room

  14. hola sludge soy yo tu amiga tyranita y te queria decis que me encanta el video de magic que sales cantando en webosaurs es my cancion favorita happy face 🙂
    visit my blog

  15. lol im in 2 of these vids

  16. Hello Sludge. I am The Golden Gaming King. I own a blog which is (hosted on I am here to ask you if you would help DuksterDude post for Webosaurs. It has about 116.000 hits and it posts for about 30 different virtual worlds. This is a very tough job to do by myself. So I invite you and/or your staff to help me post.

    Banner on sidebar (if wished)
    Able to post e.g. This Post Is From

    If you choose to help, please comment on or

    The Golden Gaming King

    • Hello, The Golden Gaming King.

      My name is Remixz, and I’m an editor here at Webosaurs Gang. You will have to ask Sludge himself personally, but I would think that Sludge would decline this. As part of his staff, I know that one of his requirements for being an author is not to work on ANY other blogs. I think that’s a fair rule. So, I’d say sorry, but no.

      With kindest regards,