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Number Guessing Contest Winners!

Hey dinos,

Wow, we had over 210 guesses in the number guessing contest!  The winners are…Dukster and Mimp!

  • The number was 182
  • Dukster was only 6 numbers off with a guess of 188
  • Mimp was only 7 numbers off with a guess of 189

Congrats guys, I’ll send you your code soon!



Comedy Night Winners!

Hey dinos,

Comedy night wasn’t as bad as it was last time, thankfully. The muscles theme made it tough to come up with good jokes, but there were still some good jokes. Here are our winners!

  • First Place- Milkshake and Dukster
  • Second Place- Sludge
  • Third Place- Rockdoom

Congrats to the winners. Did you have fun at the comedy night?


Skirmish Tourney Winners!

Hey dinos,
Here are the winners of today’s Snowball Skirmish tourney!

1st Place- Powerball,Spyro008, And Optimas
2nd Place- LDude, Davidavi33, and Twittersaur
3rd place- Rahuu

Congrats guys!


Comedy Night Winners

Hey dinos,
I wasn’t able to make it to comedy night since I’m on vacation, but I heard that it was awesome. Here are the winners!

1st place- Redblue & Morty
2nd place- Reavenge
3rd place- Lavastretch and Skac

Congrats guys!