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WackyMo Weekend!

We had an awesome weekend with one of out newest mods, ModosaurWackyMo, and since it was so fun we will have the chance to hang out with him four more times. WackyMo will be going around the island playing games and giving out prizes. He will also tell us some secrets and why he has come to the island.

  • When: Saturday – 11:00 WST and 15:00 WST & Sunday – 14:00 WST and 17:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic


The Big Weekend Review

Bonjour!! (For those who don’t know French, hello!)

It was an awesome weekend on Webosaurs. There was that big egg hunt race on Friday, and though Sludge and I probably SHOULD HAVE won, but, we didn’t, due to a silly egg hunt bug that made us lose 20 minutes of time… BLAME MIO. Nuff said. Anyways, give a great congrats to these dinos!

First Place – Dukster

Second Place – Gerbil

Third Place – Doggy

Woo! Great job, guys. 😉

And, there was that WHERE IN THE WEBO??? party. We had to go to the not-so-secret location, and say the not-so-secret phrase, “I AM THE KEEPER OF THE GREEN FLAME!” Everyone who did THAT got a cool item. Of nifty power. A golf club set! Perfect for playing imaginary golf in your cave! 😀 It looks like this…

An amazing screenshot

Look at Mio play! Standing there… holding the club… WITH HIS MIND!!! Okay okay, there is just ONE more thing. The MVDs!! They get an “amazing item.” We all know Sludge and I should have won… KIDDING, Gerbil and Dukster earned it. But don’t worry, even though Sludge and I would’ve won if that egg had worked, we don’t mind, since the item is Team Webo. (And we’re Team Spike! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!)


Song and Dance Party Weekend – Friday and Saturday

This weekend is a Song and Dance Party weekend! We’re kicking off the two day celebration with a KARAOKE night and following up on Saturday with a DANCE PARTY tournament. Put on your dancing shoes and clear your throat for a fun weekend ahead.

Karaoke Night

A party chosen by you! Karaoke Night will work just like Comedy Night. Everyone who comes to the party will have a chance to get up on the stage and sing a few lines of their favorite song. You can even invite some friends to come up for backing vocals, or do a duet! At the end of the party, the guest judges will pick the top 3 performances and award coins and cheesey trophies.

Where: Lizard Lounge (in Webo Ridge), Jurassic Server

When: Friday, July 30th – 14:00 WST


Dance Party Tournament

Day two of the Song and Dance Weekend is an all out Dance Party Tournament. No sign ups, just show up for the event and we’ll do groups of three. A mod will be in game for each one to referee the scores. We’ll just keep going until it filters down to two people left for a final. All dances will be held on hard mode and the tournament will be single elimination. We’ll be meeting in Buckland’s Peak and all dinos will stay in the peak unless their name is called for a round. After the round all dinos are to head back to Buckland’s Peak until it is their turn again.

Winners of the Dance Party Tournament will be getting the coveted Raptor Trophies!

Where: Buckland’s Peak, Triassic Server

When: Saturday, July 31st – 12:00 WST


Good Luck Dino’s!

Peace in the East!