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The Rise of Spike!

Hello Dinos!

The moment of truth is near! Thing will change today(hopefully)!

As you may have noticed, Webo is currently going under a change. Spike managed to break into the Blog, to say that today he and his pet, Okvango, will be at a newly remodeled Gushing Geyser at 17:00 WST.

The time has come!

And speaking fo big things happening today, our awesome and hardworking Head Mod, has a little anniversary today! It’s been 1 year since Mio took over from where Rex left. Let’s wish him many more years to come! 🙂


Pro Meeting Info – Friday Mystery

Hey Dinos!

Mio came by today for a quick Pro Meeting, at which he told us that we are to prepare ourselves for an awesome weekend, and that something is going to happen this Friday.

What do you think might happen? Do you think 2.0 will finally launch? Share with us!

EDIT: I checked Spike’s twitter, and look at this:

What does it all mean?


Actions For Non-Members!

Hey Dinos!

As you may know, I am a Non-Member for some time now, but today when I clicked my actions, I noticed that all were active, except dance (Which you can get from the Bluggin Beach Bunker in Jungle Beach). Now Non-Members can buy all actions (except for dancing).

It’s great that non members have finally got something. What else do you think they should get?


New Room Sneak Peak!

Mio finally provided us with another 2.0 sneak peak after so long. It was worth the wait, because this time he gave as an inside look on a brand new room landscape!

It looks like some kinda of a training room, with those slingshots we have on the left and the lifting set in the bottom. I also noticed something very interesting. A while back Mio gave us a sneak of a new character that got caught on tape in a strange new room. Well, I believe, that this was the room in which the picture got taken. Just take a look at this:

It’s a perfect match! What do you think this room is? From where do you think we’ll be able to enter it? What was that dino doing there when the picture got taken a few months ago?

Share with us!


Item Leak – Spy Bomb!

What in the world is this supposed to be...

Hey dinos!

So, today, Mio decided to leak out a Spy Bomb coming out in Webosaurs 2.0. It is pretty cute, but not near as cute as Okvango!

I heard that this is from a Spy Kit. What things do you think will be in the Spy Kit? Leave a comment, and let us know.