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Exclusive – More Quest Pics & New Landscape

Hello dinos!

Webosaurs Artist – Kickinwing, has given us with some awesome pics of upcoming stuff and just keeps on posting even greater ones! Just take a look!

We have a new User Interface:

More Quest Stuff:

New Landscape/s:

It all looks amazing! I just can’t wait to see them in-game! I also think that non-members might get their own spy gear!

What do you all think? Don’t you just love Kickin’s work?


New Forum Header

Hello Dinos!

The Webosaurs Forum finally got a new header! It got updated with a 2.0 theme and it looks very awesome! This one is even cooler than the classic one and is with better graphics.

Hopefully we’ll see more updates at the forum as well as on Webo! 🙂


Webosaurs 2.0 releases!

Need help with the quests? Click here!

The Rise of Spike has begun and it has brought Webosaurs 2.0 to us! It’s finally here and everything is totally bluggin!

The first thing you notice is the Training Area, which is the new start room. Then, we have the new Player Cards and inventory!

Note: This is not my actual Playercard. It's edited, so that you can see how everything looks like.

After that we have the Quests and Quest Givers (One of them being a new dino named Linus).

Another awesome update are the Okvango battles!

Every now and then a message will appear, telling you that Okvango is attacking. Once in battle you will need ammo to fight Okvango, which you can get from the Sling Shot Spot in the Training Area.

Of course, we have a brand-new awesome homepage as well!

There are many more stuff, like the new Black Spy suit and Spy Gear, which happen to be for non-members! 😉

Many quests (Weekly and in time even daily) will be added soon, battles will be fought, Temples will be discovered and so much more. It will all happen in time.

Currently the game is still going under testing and updating, but it will probably be up and running in just about a few weeks, if we all help out with reports! 🙂


The Rise of Spike!

Hello Dinos!

The moment of truth is near! Thing will change today(hopefully)!

As you may have noticed, Webo is currently going under a change. Spike managed to break into the Blog, to say that today he and his pet, Okvango, will be at a newly remodeled Gushing Geyser at 17:00 WST.

The time has come!

And speaking fo big things happening today, our awesome and hardworking Head Mod, has a little anniversary today! It’s been 1 year since Mio took over from where Rex left. Let’s wish him many more years to come! 🙂


Actions For Non-Members!

Hey Dinos!

As you may know, I am a Non-Member for some time now, but today when I clicked my actions, I noticed that all were active, except dance (Which you can get from the Bluggin Beach Bunker in Jungle Beach). Now Non-Members can buy all actions (except for dancing).

It’s great that non members have finally got something. What else do you think they should get?


OMG New Items!

Hi Dinos!

As many of you know, I’m awesome. So, I’ve found TONS OF EXCLUSIVE, NEW ITEMS! Take a look at the cool gallery below! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, which one is your favourite? I love the apple tree myself… hehe.


Scavenger Hunt 12/23/09

Hey Guys! Here Are The Egg Hunt Cheats For Today!

1. Gushing Geyser – Jurassic

2. Tonto Plateau – 93

3. Croc Peninsula – Webo Ridge

4. Rolling Hills Chamber (Prairie Pool) – Forest Floor

5. Lizard Lounge (Webo Ridge) – 17:30


Pretty Cool Hunt! I’m Ready For Today’s Party, Are You?


PS: Happy Christmas Eve Eve!