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Weekend Parties!

Heya dino dudes!

We’re starting our weekend with a special guest! Our old pal, Rex, will stop by on Saturday for an Anti-Spike Rally. (which Webosaurs Cheats does NOT support.) Then, on Sunday, we’re gonna have a trivia throwback item party, in the Bluggin’ Beach Bunker! The limit is two items per dino, and rumour has it that Stretch may also show up.

  • What: Rex Returns – Anti-Spike Rally
  • Where: Giant Umbrella – Understory Layer
  • When: Saturday, June 11th – 11:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic


  • What: Throwback Trivia
  • Where: Bluggin’ Beach Bunker – Jungle Beach
  • When: Sunday, June 12th– 12:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic

Are you going to attend these parties?