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New Room Sneak Peak!

Mio finally provided us with another 2.0 sneak peak after so long. It was worth the wait, because this time he gave as an inside look on a brand new room landscape!

It looks like some kinda of a training room, with those slingshots we have on the left and the lifting set in the bottom. I also noticed something very interesting. A while back Mio gave us a sneak of a new character that got caught on tape in a strange new room. Well, I believe, that this was the room in which the picture got taken. Just take a look at this:

It’s a perfect match! What do you think this room is? From where do you think we’ll be able to enter it? What was that dino doing there when the picture got taken a few months ago?

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Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: Stegosaurs

Doggy posting,

Hey Dino’s! What’s going on? Well this dino fact is about Stegosaurs, how they come in all shapes and sizes 🙂 Now note that this may be my last dino fact. My last dino fact about “REX” not “T-REX”  the other half of the post was about “T-REX”.

Q: What dinosaur group was the Stegosaur part of? -Sathvik

A: Another great question! Usually when we talk about groups (ceratopsians, sauropods, theropods, etc) we are referring to the Infraorder (after which comes family, genus and species). I think what you are referring to the is the genus Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus belongs to the stegosauria infraorder. Stegosaurus wasn’t the only one with plates (called osteoderms) along his back, there were many different kinds of stegosauria genera!

Stegosaurians were common throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods and found across most of the world although most commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere (North America and China). They came in all sizes but all had osteoderms. You may remember froman earlier post that they also had the smallest brains of all the dinosaurs!


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