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New Room Sneak Peak!

Mio finally provided us with another 2.0 sneak peak after so long. It was worth the wait, because this time he gave as an inside look on a brand new room landscape!

It looks like some kinda of a training room, with those slingshots we have on the left and the lifting set in the bottom. I also noticed something very interesting. A while back Mio gave us a sneak of a new character that got caught on tape in a strange new room. Well, I believe, that this was the room in which the picture got taken. Just take a look at this:

It’s a perfect match! What do you think this room is? From where do you think we’ll be able to enter it? What was that dino doing there when the picture got taken a few months ago?

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Weekend Parties – 2x Egg Hunt!

Double Egg Hunt Weekend!

Hey there Dino Dudes,

This week, we’re having a Double Egg Hunt weekend! We’re starting off first with our Friday the 13th party, where we’ll first have an egg hunt, and then end up at Lizard Lounge. Devo and Mio will be handing out coin codes for dinos who tell their spookiest stories. Then, we’re partying again on Sunday with our second hunt! This one will be a funny prize, and will end up at the Giant Umbrella in Understory Layer (can’t get there yet? Follow Webosaurs Cheats’ Understory Layer guide!) for a little feast party.

  • What: Friday the 13th Party
  • Where: Lizard Lounge – Webo Ridge
  • When: Friday, May 13th – 16:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic
  • What: Giant Umbrella Feast
  • Where: Giant Umbrella – Understory Layer
  • When: Sunday, May 15th – 14:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 😀

~Snarl~ (rewritten by Remixz)

OMG New Items!

Hi Dinos!

As many of you know, I’m awesome. So, I’ve found TONS OF EXCLUSIVE, NEW ITEMS! Take a look at the cool gallery below! 😀

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So, which one is your favourite? I love the apple tree myself… hehe.