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Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Hey dinos! Here’s this week’s scavenger hunt cheats.

1. Gushing Geyser – Spike

2. Croc Peninsula – Monster

3. Dino Dunes – Sub Alpine Forest

4. Edmarka’s Town Store (Gushing Geyser) – Ankylosaurus

5. Webo Ridge – Fused Lizard

6. Sanoran Sands – Armor

7. Forest Floor – North America

8. Prairie Pool – Cretaceous

9. Rolling Hills Chamber (Prairie Pool) – Armadillos

10. Buckland’s Peak – Evil

The prize is a…Spike Poster!


Scavenger Hunt Cheats! (30 question hunt edition)

Hi dinos! Wazzzupppppp???
So, like, the BIGGEST, BADDEST hunt EVER on the island was dropped. And, as usual, we have the answers. There was also a competition to see who got their first, but, since both myself and Sludge had to go, I have no idea of the winners! But, that doesn’t really matter. (I think it was just a throwback item … as long as it wasn’t a Mimo item or a gravestone, I don’t care.) Sludge and I did try, but, due to a fault in the system, we got stuck on a broken egg, which, therefore, made us behind schedule, and we both had to go. (razzle frazzle …)
Okay okay, enough of MY blather, let’s get to the ANSWERS!!
  1. Gushing Geyser – Pterry
  2. Buckland’s Peak – MVD
  3. Understory Layer – Tonto Plateau
  4. Tonto Plateau – Songhua River Mammoth
  5. Forest Floor – MVD
  6. Tao Temple (Sub-Alpine Forest) – Paraceratherium
  7. Lizard Lounge (Webo Ridge) – Cassowary
  8. Prairie Pool – Blue
  9. Rumble Rocks Cave (Prairie Pool) – Viking
  10. Jungle Beach – Luau
  11. Ultrasaurus Tiki Lounge (Hillside Canopy) – R
  12. Dr Nanosaurus’ Secret Lab (Hillside Canopy) – Erlenmeyer Flask
  13. Supersaurus Den (Forest Floor) – Streak
  14. Hadrosaurus Store (Forest Floor) – Trees
  15. Hillside Canopy – Carnivorous Cavern
  16. Carnivorous Cavern – Hawaii
  17. Vesuvius Shop (Carnivorous Cavern) – Mauna Loa
  18. Dino Dunes – Mount Everest
  19. Secret Temple (Dino Dunes) – The Tower of London
  20. Jurassic Fort (Webo Ridge) – South Africa
  21. Rolling Hills Chamber (Prairie Pool) – Pele
  22. Ole Smithy’s Armory (Croc Peninsula) – Two Thousand Degrees
  23. Tree Fort (Croc Peninsula) – The Ohio State University
  24. Longosaurus Log Store (Sub-Alpine Forest) – Bonsai
  25. Art Shack (Soggy Bottom Swamp) – Germany
  26. Mochlodon Theater (Croc Peninsula) – Tickled
  27. Edmarka’s Town Store (Gushing Geyser) – Tapestry
  28. Giant Umbrella (Understory Layer) – Steak and Eggs
  29. Stretch’s Surf Shop (Jungle Beach) – Surfing
  30. Soggy Bottom Swamp – Yes

Phew, that was long. But, what do you get for your INSANELY HARD WORK??? You get … the satisfaction of a job well done! I’M SO HAPPY!!

Kidding, you get this nifty ANIMATED GEYSER! And, being amazing ME, I have an amazing animated GIF. Of amazing.

It is a geyser. THAT IS ANIMATED. :D

Coolio. Did you like this hunt? Too long? Too short? Not enough Remixz based answers?? Post a comment, and let me know. (I agree with the 3rd, personally.)


Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Heya gang! Sludge will be out of town for the next week, I’ll try to help out with the posting 🙂 Webosaurs released a new Scavenger Hunt today, here are the cheats:

  • 1. Gushing Geyser – Richard Owen
  • 2. Soggy Bottom Swamp – Cretaceous Tertiary Extinction Event
  • 3. Sub-Alpine Forest – Iguanodon
  • 4. Buckland’s Peak – Hadrosaurus
  • 5. Dino Dunes – Peabody Museum of Natural History
  • 6. Hillside Canopy – Argentina
  • 7.  Webo Ridge – Deccan Traps
  • 8. Prairie Pool – Maiasaura
  • 9. Sanoran Sands – Iguanodon
  • 10. Rolling Hills Chamber (Prairie Pool) – Yes

Congratulations, you have now earned Christmas Candles!

I think the new item is soooo bluggin’! How about you?


Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Hey dino’s! Doggy posting…

Here are the scavenger hunt cheats for the Buggin’ Around hunt!

1. Gushing Geyser- Insects

2. Campsaurus Canvas Tent(Sub Alpine Forest)- Monarch

3. Supersaurus Den(Forest Floor)- Maggot

4. Bucklands Peak- Bees

5. Croc Peninsula- Honey

6. Rolling Hills Chamber(Prairie Pool)- Whip Scorpion

7. Dino Dunes- Atlas Moth

8. Soggy Bottom Swamp- Insectris

9. Lizard Lounge(Webo Ridge)- Arthropleura

10.Ultrasaurus Tiki Lounge(Hillside Canopy)- Arthropoda

11. Rumble Rocks Cave(Prairie Pool)- Shoo Bug

12.Hadrosaurus Shop(Forest Floor)- Ants

13. Tonto Plateau- Soldier

14. Sanoran Sands- Morganucodon

The prize is a bug box!

Hope you enjoy it!