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Weekend Parties!

Heya dino dudes!

We’re starting our weekend with a special guest! Our old pal, Rex, will stop by on Saturday for an Anti-Spike Rally. (which Webosaurs Cheats does NOT support.) Then, on Sunday, we’re gonna have a trivia throwback item party, in the Bluggin’ Beach Bunker! The limit is two items per dino, and rumour has it that Stretch may also show up.

  • What: Rex Returns – Anti-Spike Rally
  • Where: Giant Umbrella – Understory Layer
  • When: Saturday, June 11th – 11:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic


  • What: Throwback Trivia
  • Where: Bluggin’ Beach Bunker – Jungle Beach
  • When: Sunday, June 12th– 12:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic

Are you going to attend these parties?


Rex May Be Getting His Own Item!

Hey dinos,

If you go onto the signing bonus part of the membership page you would see a bunch of items on the right. One of those items is a T-Rex skeleton.

If you look closely at the bottom there is a gold nameplate with REX on it. This most likely means that Rex will be getting his own item. What do you think?


Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: Big, flippered awesomesaurs

Mauisaurus – The longest sea reptile

Q: What was the biggest of all the swimmers ? -Optimas

A: This question was actually answered back in October, but thought it would be a great refresher. The first point I’d like to make is that the main “swimmers” of the Mesozoic were called plesiosaurs (they were not dinosaurs). They were big, flippered sea reptiles like Liopleurodon. Although, to be sure, the Mesozoic had a rich abundance of sea life! These guys were just the biggest ones.

The Mesozoic was populated with a whole host of incredible sea reptiles that terrorized everything else in the sea. We’ve talked about Liopleurodon before, who was the largest of them all but the longest is actually Mauisaurus.

Like Liopleurodon, Mauisaurus was a plesiosaur. Mauisaurus measured out to be a whopping 65ft (20m) in length and was the longest sea reptile of them all. Found only in New Zealand fossil beds, Mauisaurus must have been a fearsome predator during its day. They’ve even found a fossil of one fighting a mosasaur!


Hope you enjoy this Dino Fact!


Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: Prehistoric Slimers

Koolasuchus? More like... KoolaAWESOMEus

Q: What was the largest amphibian during the time of the dinosaurs? -Muclser

A: We all know the Mesozoic was the time of the dinosaurs. But we’ve also learned about the flyers, the swimmers, the bugs and the mammals. One group we haven’t talked about is the amphibians! You know these creatures today… frogs, salamanders, geckos and much more. As with many modern day creatures that existed in the past, the Mesozoic versions of amphibians were huge creatures!! The most common type of Mesozoic were the Temnospondyli, which were prevalent in the Triassic and few survived through the Cretaceous.

Koolasuchus, pictured above, was one of the biggest Temnospondyli. This dude grew to be about 16 feet  (about 5m) long! The picture above doesn’t do it justice.

Koolasuchus was the size of this boat. Must have eaten some pretty large bugs.

You may not know this, but there was a large extinction event between the Triassic and Jurassic periods (want to know more? ask me in the comments) and it killed off most of the large Temnospondyli. The remaining ones through the rest of the Mesozoic were mostly small, except for our super awesome friend Koolasuchus – who lasted through the Early Cretaceous.


Hope you dino’s enjoyed this Dino Fact!


Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: We’ll Triceratops’ ancestors look a little different than you’d think


Q: Who is the first ceratopsian that first appear? Irvine

A: Good question Irvine! As you know, ceratopsians only lived during the Cretaceous perod. Still, their history is a little fuzzy because of an incomplete fossil record. Ceratopsians are very well known for being the most “all-american” dinosaur. That is, the vast majority of their fossils come from North America, and a few in Asia.

As far as paleontologists can tell, the earliest known ceratopsian dinosaur is Psittacosaurus. Unlike other ceratopsians, these guys were bi-pedal (walked on two feet) dinosaurs and were about the size of a gazelle. Psittacosaurus is a genus of dinosaur, and known for having the most species of dinosaurs than any other genus even though it is not as famous as the Triceratops. They first showed up on the earth during the Early Cretaceous around 130-100 million years ago.

Their sharp beak is perhaps the most significant characteristic it shares with other ceratopsians. The rest of it doesn’t look too similar to a Triceratops though!


Hope you enjoyed this Dino Fact!


Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: Again with the Strange looking Dinosaurs

Hey dino’s!

Sorry, but i just now noticed Rex’d dino fact post 😀 So, here it is!


Q: Archaeoceratops is a dinosaurs that looks like protoceratops and gallimimus mix body, why? -Irvine

A: That’s a very interesting question Irvine. Archaeoceratops and protoceratops were both ceratopsians but belonged to different families. Also, they existed during different times of the Cretaceous. Still, the fact they belonged to the same Infraorder means they would havehomologous traits.

Homologous means they come from the same ancestor. These traits are very important in determining taxonomy of a creature. Frills on two different ceratopsians would be considered homologous because they were derived from the same ancestor, even if they looked slightly different.

On the other hand, Archaeoceratops may have had similar features to Gallimimus (standing upright, I assume?). These creatures were not related though, and the traits look the same (and may have the same function) but don’t come from a direct evolutionary line. These are called analogous traits.

Example of an analogous feature – a bird wing and a bat wing both serve the same purpose, and look similar, but they do not come from the same evolutionary line. Their wings are considered analogous.

Can you think of two animals who have analogous traits? Homologous traits?


Hope you liked it 😀

Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: “I’m a real Triceratops!” No, you aren’t

Doggy posting,

Hey Dino’s!!

What’s the good word guy’s?! Well this is another dino fact posted by rex! Enjoy! I am starting to make a tag for Rex on his dino facts and my dino facts because he inspired me to do these.

The Pinocchio of Ceratopsians "I'm a REAL Triceratops!" No, no you're not

Q: What did the Ceratopsian Einiosaurus use its bizzare looking horns for? – Einiosaurus

A: Great question Regisaurus! Before we get into the horns lets talk about little Einiosaurus here. I call him a little guy but he was a medium-sized Ceratopsian who grew to be about 20 ft (6m) long (Compare to Triceratops who grew up to 30 ft – 9m long). Still.. the funny proportions of his body make him look like a screwed-up Triceratops mini-me. Einiosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous and fossils have been found almost exclusively in modern day Montana.

As for his horns… who really knows? Ceratopsians were all over the place. So many different species of random frills and horns and armor. Paleontologists are all over the place about what these could have actually been used for. Some say that maybe they weren’t even used for defense! Triceratops could easily have ripped in a hole into a large predator, but other ceratopsians have such strange horns that they couldn’t have been used to deal damage.

Others say they could have been used as a mating device, or a way to determine dominance in the herds. What do you think they were used for?


lol, funny triceratops or uh ceratopsians 😀


Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: RANDOM!!

Doggy posting,

Hey dino’s! Haven’t posted in a while, sorry been busy with a school play 🙂 Anyway here’s a dino fact for ya!


Alright now for this daily dino fact i’m gonna talk about Rex! Yes, Rex. Sound weird well it should xD So let’s start. Now Rex is consisted of a few thing’s: Awesomeness, Coolness, Funnyness, Smellyness (because of toots) Well thats enough on Rex. Now the T-REX was the most feared dino during the creatacous period. Now it may seem that the T-Rex’s little arms are of no use. Well the Short arms are used to lift the dino up when they wake up from sleeping. They are also helpful to rip another dino that it may be eating.

So our short arms do have a use! LOL


(Don’t mean to sound mean to you Rex)