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Pro Meeting Info

Hey dinos,

Here is the info that Mio told us at today’s pro meeting.

  • There will be a pen in your cave for multiple pets.
  • Some of the room music will be remixed.
  • The Spike avatar isn’t ready yet.
  • The lag will hopefully be fixed soon.
  • Dinos might be getting something as a thank you for putting up with the lag.

What do you think we should get for dealing with the lag?


All 3 pet’s coming to Webosaurs!

Doggy posting,

Hey Dino’s! What’s the good word? Well i have an awesome picture of the 3 pet’s that are coming to webosaurs! Check this pic out YO!

Little Fang, Porqupine, and Crocodile!!!

Awesome, picture huh?! Yeah, im a stretch it’s just because i was testing the change dino feature šŸ™‚