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Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Hey dinos,

Here are the cheats for the new scavenger hunt!

1. Gushing Geyser- Laredo

2. Longosaurus Log Store(Sub Alpine Forest)- Paraguay

3. Ole Smithy’s Armory(Croc Peninsula)- London

4. Rumble Rocks Cave(Prairie Pool)- Agriculture

5. Rolling Hills Chamber(Prairie Pool)- Las Vegas

6. Hadrosaurus Store(Forest Floor)- California

7. Vesuvius Shop(Carnivorous Cavern)- Project Mercury

8.Lizard Lounge(Webo Ridge)- Vincent van Gogh

9. Art Shack(Soggy Bottom Swamp)- The Soviet Union

10. Giant Umbrella(Understory Layer)- Yes

The prize is a…Penguin Balloon!


Upcoming Items- In Cave

Hey dinos,

Today I check out someones cave and found a ton of upcoming cave items in it. These are the same items that Remi posted about before, and the one item not in the cave is the apple tree. Here is what they look like in a dinos cave.


These items are really cool, and the waterfall is animated! Which item do you want the most?