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99c Membership…or is it?

Hey dinos,

This is something that has been bugging me for a while, and since there is nothing to post about, I guess I will now. I’ve heard a lot of dinos say that they got the 99 cent membership, but didn’t know that it costed $5.94 per month after the first month. I decided to take a look at what it looks like, and how they worded it.

This is the only place where it says that the membership is only 99 cents for the first month, and it’s barely┬ánoticeable. Also it says “thereafter”, instead of “afterwards”, which might confuse dinos, since it is a word that is not used that often, and they may not know what it really means. I think they should have a pop-up after you try to buy the 99 cent membership, reminding you that it’s ONLY for the first month. What you think about all this?


Win cave of the Month!

Do you want to be cave of the month? Here are all of the benifits:
You will get a coin code from me and you will also be featured on my blog and the cave of the month page. I will choose a random cave that looks very good to win. But since, it’s the first time, comment with your dinosaur name and I will judge your cave Remember you have to be my buddy to win. I really need entries! Comment with your entry. If you click on the picture it will say the page is still being made.


I will only be reading comments on my blog not this one. Sorry for the inconvience.