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Exclusive – New Cave Items and More!

Hello Dinos!

Recently I found a website of a Webosaurs Artist (KickinWing) where he posts some screenshots of Webo-ralated stuff (and some Non Webo-related). Today it got updated with a whole bunch of cool stuff which you can check out bellow.

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I’m really looking forward to seeing (hopefully) those cave items in-game, once those cave inventory bugs get fixed. I’ll keep you updated if anything new gets posted by Kickin.


Enter to win a membership!


Hey 2.0 dinos,

I’ve been hiding away a $20 Ultimate game card membership (that’s redeemable on the NEW for a while and I’m finally giving it away to celebrate the release of the newly born Webosaurs! It’s easy to enter, COMMENT your DINO NAME and EMAIL in a comment on this post.  Then, in exactly one week from today (October 7th) I will put all of the dino names in a hat and I will select one dino name and that dino will win the $20 Ultimate game card! The winner can buy 3 one month memberships on Webosaurs or memberships to other virtual worlds if he/she chooses to do so!

So what are your waiting for? Submit your comment now! One comment per player please!


New Webosaurs Membership Page!

Hey dinos!

The new membership page is up and shows a lot of the stuff coming in the update today(hopefully). You can check out the full page here. You can also check out the new help page and the new parents page!


WackyMo Weekend!

We had an awesome weekend with one of out newest mods, ModosaurWackyMo, and since it was so fun we will have the chance to hang out with him four more times. WackyMo will be going around the island playing games and giving out prizes. He will also tell us some secrets and why he has come to the island.

  • When: Saturday – 11:00 WST and 15:00 WST & Sunday – 14:00 WST and 17:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic


Membership Giveaway Weekend!

Hey Dinos,

A new mod, named ModosaurWackyMo, will be coming online this weekend. They will be holding a contest, where you will be able to win a 1 month membership. WackyMo will be hiding in a random place between 13:00 and 15:00 WST on Saturday and Sunday. All you need to do is be the first to find him/her and ask, “Who is the wonkiest of them all?” Then, WackyMo will give you an answer, which you’ll need to leave as a comment on the blog. The two dinos that find WackyMo first, the most times, will win a one month membership. If they’re a member already, they can choose an item instead.

  • What:Find WackyMO!
  • When: Saturday and Sunday, 13-15:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic


99c Membership…or is it?

Hey dinos,

This is something that has been bugging me for a while, and since there is nothing to post about, I guess I will now. I’ve heard a lot of dinos say that they got the 99 cent membership, but didn’t know that it costed $5.94 per month after the first month. I decided to take a look at what it looks like, and how they worded it.

This is the only place where it says that the membership is only 99 cents for the first month, and it’s barely noticeable. Also it says “thereafter”, instead of “afterwards”, which might confuse dinos, since it is a word that is not used that often, and they may not know what it really means. I think they should have a pop-up after you try to buy the 99 cent membership, reminding you that it’s ONLY for the first month. What you think about all this?