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Exclusive – New Characters Concept Art

Hello Dinos!

As you may know, Webosaurs artist, Kickinwing, has been posting awesome Webosaurs concept art on his blog for some time now. This time he gave us a pic of these awesome looking characters, that we might see in Webo very soon!

What do you think about them? Will they be on Spike’s side or Webo’s side? Who actually are they? Share with us your thoughts!

Happy Holidays!


Exclusive – More Quest Pics & New Landscape

Hello dinos!

Webosaurs Artist – Kickinwing, has given us with some awesome pics of upcoming stuff and just keeps on posting even greater ones! Just take a look!

We have a new User Interface:

More Quest Stuff:

New Landscape/s:

It all looks amazing! I just can’t wait to see them in-game! I also think that non-members might get their own spy gear!

What do you all think? Don’t you just love Kickin’s work?


Exclusive – New Cave Items and More!

Hello Dinos!

Recently I found a website of a Webosaurs Artist (KickinWing) where he posts some screenshots of Webo-ralated stuff (and some Non Webo-related). Today it got updated with a whole bunch of cool stuff which you can check out bellow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m really looking forward to seeing (hopefully) those cave items in-game, once those cave inventory bugs get fixed. I’ll keep you updated if anything new gets posted by Kickin.