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Warning – Linus Glitch

Hello Dinos!

A new glitch has appeared recently, which is very dangerous for you, because it will temporarily prevent you from going anywhere but the Training Area. If you see Linus in Gushing Geyser, do not click on him. Be very careful, because if you accidentally click on him, you will be sent to the Intro Quest and thus won’t be able to leave the Training area.


Weekly Quests Coming Soon!

Hey there Dinos!

In the new Blog post, Mio gave us some info about the weekly Quests. He said that “Starting in two weeks Linus will have a new quest each week as he tracks Spike’s movements and tries to foil all of his plans!”. He also said that things will change very rapidly over the next month.

It sounds very awesome! If you all want to help out, you can do so by sending bug reports, that would make finding and fixing them all easier for the Devs. You can do so by commenting here. Remember to give as many details as possible! 😉