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Spooky WeboWeen Weekend!

Hello Dinos!

One really spooky weekend is ahead of us! Firstly, we all get another chance to earn some XP just like last week. A new dino controlled by Spike, called HeadlessHorns will be roaming the island this weekend. If you see him and manage to get a picture of him with pumpkin/s on top, you’ll earn 250 XP per picture (Only 1 per landscape).

HeadlessHorns will be online at the following times:

  • Saturday – 10:00 WST, 11:00 WST, 13:00 WST and 15:00 WST, 17:00 WST
  • Sunday – 9:00 WST, 10:00 WST,  13:00 WST and 14:00 WST

IF that’s not enough, the two dinos with the most Headless Snap Shots will get to choose one of two  collectible cave items.

In addition to that, there will be two parties which, if attended, will increase your Cave item collection with two more!

What: Halloween Celebration!

When: Saturday & Sunday, 12:00 WST

Where: Soggy Bottom Swamp

Oh, I almost forgot! You might get an extra XP boost for commenting your own costume ideas on the official Blog post.

See you all there…if you dare! Mwahahaha!