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Weekend Training Game & Battle Times

Hello Dinos!

As usual for the past few weeks, Spike is back once again to wreak havoc. We can all prepare for the attacks by playing Dino Match (Buckland’s Peak), which will be giving out extra coins and XP all weekend! The attacks will happen at the following times:

  • Friday:  17:00 WST
  • Saturday:  12:00 & 14:00 WST
  • Sunday:   12:00 & 14:00 WST

Be sure to follow Webosaurs and Spike to keep track of the attacks and what’s going on around the island in general.


New Feature – Earned XP Counter

Hello Dinos!

During the maintenance on Friday, October 28th, Webosaurs released a little update. Now when you finish a game, a counter will show up to tell you how much XP you’ve earned from playing the game!

This is really awesome, don’t you think?


Experience From Games Is Back!

Heya Dinos!

A while ago, getting XP from games was added to Webo, but it got due to many glitches. Now, this function has been added once more, but doesn’t give out as much XP as it used to. The amount you get depends on your score and the game you’re playing. IF you encounter a glitch in any of the games, be sure to tell the Mods or Mio, because they’re still working on the games.


Level Up Through Games!

Hey there Dinos!

We’ve all been wondering until when we’ll be stuck on level 4. Well, now we can all go further! I went to play some games today and when I returned to the Training Area, I noticed that I had become a new level! By playing another game, I found out that they were the reason for this sudden leveling up.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and level up so that you can unlock cooler gear! 😉

EDIT: Leveling up through games has been disabled for now, because it’s glitched. It will be back up as soon as everything gets fixed.


Game of the Week – Trouble in the Treetops!

Game of the Week! Trouble in the Treetops!

Hello, dinos!

This weeks GOTW has been announced. This week, we have … TROUBLE IN THE TREETOPS! This week, the coin give out is CAAARAZZYYY, which is pretty epic, since it already gives out a hearty amount of coins. Little trivia here, but this is the newest game to come to the island! Cool stuff, eh? So, challenge a friend, and see who gets to the top first in Trouble in the Treetops! 😀

What’s your favorite game? Mine has to be Matterhorn’s Big Air. I love doing all the fancy tricks. ;D