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Weekend Parties!

Hey dinos!

Woohoo, weekend parties! Okay, so first, on Friday, we’re having an old fashioned game tour, in memory of old, buggy game tours. Then, on Satuday, we’re getting our Stretch on (YAY), as we party for Edmarka! (Sludge’s queen.) There will also be another scavenger hunt! Woot! It looks like it may be Spike themed… 😀

What: Games Tour

Where: Gushing Geyser

When: Friday, June 17th – 17:00 WST

Server: Jurassic


What: Edmarka’s Party!

Where: Edmarka’s Town Store

When: Saturday, June 18th– 12:00 WST

Server: Jurassic

I am totally going to Edmarka’s party… how about you?