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Hey dinos…

I check Sub Alpine Forest and noticed that the eel grew again. Ususally I would be happy about how she’s even cuter(which she is), but I’m too mad right now. The tank is hurting her. Here is what shes’ going through.

She’s being pushed into the glass and is in pain. I really hope Spike frees her soon. Pterry is officially evil for doing this. The eel never did anything wrong and now not only is she being held against her will, but shes in being harmed. If you feel bad about the pain she is going through and want to support her freedom comment here to join the DETE.


Horn’s Message to Team Webo!

Hey dinos!

Horns came to tell us a message. That message was hard to get, since there was WAY too much lag. Nonetheless, we got the messages.

Well, there you have it. They’re “busy” planning. I think that they’re really the evil ones, since they’ve trapped the poor eel! We at Webosaurs Cheats do not believe in this, and encourage everyone to join the DETE. (the Dinosaurs for the Ethical Treatment of Eels) We also believe Horns, and Team Webo, will fail horribly. SPIKE FOREVER!!!