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Number Guessing Contest Winners!

Hey dinos,

Wow, we had over 210 guesses in the number guessing contest!  The winners are…Dukster and Mimp!

  • The number was 182
  • Dukster was only 6 numbers off with a guess of 188
  • Mimp was only 7 numbers off with a guess of 189

Congrats guys, I’ll send you your code soon!


Number Guessing Contest

Hey dinos, I forgot to do a 110,000 or 115,000 hits contest, so this one will have two winners instead of just one. Here is the info:

  • You have to guess a number between 1 and 1000
  • You can guess up to numbers every day
  • The contest will end on Friday
  • The 2 people that are closest to the number win
  • The winners will get a coin code(if you get it exactly right you get 3 coin codes)!


Mechanical Dino Item Is Here!

Hey dinos,

Today the winners of the bug squashing contest were chosen and I was one of them. Mio quickly delivered the Mechanical Dino item to the winners caves. Here is what it looks like in a cave.

This item is really cool and will NEVER be released again. Do you like it too?


New Official Contest — Bug Squashing Weekend!

Hey dinos!

Mio has announced the new contest starting now, and ending on Monday. It’s the Bug Squashing weekend! All you need to do is find a ton of bugs, and post them on this post, using this format:



How it happens:

The person with the most (actual) bugs wins a Mechanical Dino! Easy, eh?

Do you think this is a good idea? Or do you think Webosaurs is too lazy to find the bugs themself? 😛


Weekend Parties!

Hey dinosaurs!

It’s WEEKEND party time! This week shall be interesting… first, we have a a meet up with Moon at 17:00 WST on Friday, where she’ll announce the next contest. This contest will only be open until midnight on Monday, and winner will get the cool Mechanical Dino! Then, on Sunday, the AMAZING Spike is coming for a visit to the island again! No one is sure what he wants, but it must be awesome, since he IS the ONE, the ONLY, Spike.

What: Contest Announcement

Where: Jurassic Fort – Webo Ridge

When: Friday, May 27th – 17:00 WST

Server: Jurassic


What: Good Visit

Where: Sub Alpine Forest

When: Sunday, May 29th – 14:00 WST

Server: Jurassic

I can’t wait to see what Spike is up to? What about you? 😀