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Happy Holidays From The Webosaurs Expert Crew!

On this Holy Night, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas with lots of presents and happy moments shared with those you love. May your Christmas be wonderful, and may the warmth of hearth and home fill your hearts with joy this holiday season!

Wishing you a joyful Holiday and a happy and prosperous New Year!


~Sludge, Snarl and Remi

Scavenger Hunt 12/23/09

Hey Guys! Here Are The Egg Hunt Cheats For Today!

1. Gushing Geyser – Jurassic

2. Tonto Plateau – 93

3. Croc Peninsula – Webo Ridge

4. Rolling Hills Chamber (Prairie Pool) – Forest Floor

5. Lizard Lounge (Webo Ridge) – 17:30


Pretty Cool Hunt! I’m Ready For Today’s Party, Are You?


PS: Happy Christmas Eve Eve!