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Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: “I’m a real Triceratops!” No, you aren’t

Doggy posting,

Hey Dino’s!!

What’s the good word guy’s?! Well this is another dino fact posted by rex! Enjoy! I am starting to make a tag for Rex on his dino facts and my dino facts because he inspired me to do these.

The Pinocchio of Ceratopsians "I'm a REAL Triceratops!" No, no you're not

Q: What did the Ceratopsian Einiosaurus use its bizzare looking horns for? – Einiosaurus

A: Great question Regisaurus! Before we get into the horns lets talk about little Einiosaurus here. I call him a little guy but he was a medium-sized Ceratopsian who grew to be about 20 ft (6m) long (Compare to Triceratops who grew up to 30 ft – 9m long). Still.. the funny proportions of his body make him look like a screwed-up Triceratops mini-me. Einiosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous and fossils have been found almost exclusively in modern day Montana.

As for his horns… who really knows? Ceratopsians were all over the place. So many different species of random frills and horns and armor. Paleontologists are all over the place about what these could have actually been used for. Some say that maybe they weren’t even used for defense! Triceratops could easily have ripped in a hole into a large predator, but other ceratopsians have such strange horns that they couldn’t have been used to deal damage.

Others say they could have been used as a mating device, or a way to determine dominance in the herds. What do you think they were used for?


lol, funny triceratops or uh ceratopsians 😀