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2nd Okvango Cave Item is Here!

Hey dinos,

The second Okvango cave item from last weekends party finally arrived. If you went to the party the item should be in your cave now.

This cave item is really cute. Hopefully Okvango will be free soon to help Spike take over the island. Do you think it is cute too?


Mechanical Dino Item Is Here!

Hey dinos,

Today the winners of the bug squashing contest were chosen and I was one of them. Mio quickly delivered the Mechanical Dino item to the winners caves. Here is what it looks like in a cave.

This item is really cool and will NEVER be released again. Do you like it too?


Upcoming Items- In Cave

Hey dinos,

Today I check out someones cave and found a ton of upcoming cave items in it. These are the same items that Remi posted about before, and the one item not in the cave is the apple tree. Here is what they look like in a dinos cave.


These items are really cool, and the waterfall is animated! Which item do you want the most?


Win cave of the Month!

Do you want to be cave of the month? Here are all of the benifits:
You will get a coin code from me and you will also be featured on my blog and the cave of the month page. I will choose a random cave that looks very good to win. But since, it’s the first time, comment with your dinosaur name and I will judge your cave Remember you have to be my buddy to win. I really need entries! Comment with your entry. If you click on the picture it will say the page is still being made.


I will only be reading comments on my blog not this one. Sorry for the inconvience.