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Weekend Training Game & Spike Battle Times

Hello Dinos!

This weekend our training game is Powerlifitng! We will also get the chance to train with Horns at the following times:

  • Friday:  17:00 WST
  • Saturday:  12:00 WST
  • Sunday:   12:00 WST

Of course, just how it’s been for the last two months, Spike will be back again to wreak havoc. The attacks will happen at the following times:

  • Saturday & Sunday:  14:00 WST

Don’t forget that Powerlifting (Hillside Canopy) will be giving out extra coins and XP all weekend!

Be sure to follow Webosaurs and Spike to keep track of the attacks and what’s going on around the island in general.


Info On Upcoming Stuff

Heya Dinos!

Today we fought a really tough battle, but ended up with Okvango losing the first battle. After that, Mio gave us some info about the upcoming stuff. He said that This is BETA2 and we’re gonna have the XP from games back next week. He also said that there will be five whole battles tomorrow and confirmed that the Weekly Quests will come in two weeks. They will also be for all dinos. In addition to that, we’re expecting an new addition to the game as well!