Quest #4

Go to the Training Area and talk to Linus.

To find the 6 Dark Fossils, go to the following locations and use your Spy goggles (Click on them until you reach the green screen), in order to see them.

  • Croc Peninsula – V
  • Secret Temple (Dino Dunes) – O
  • Understory Layer (Far right) – O
  • Supersaurus Den (Forest Floor) – D
  • Webo Ridge – O
  • Rumble Rocks Cave (Prairie Pool) – O

After that return to Linus and spell “Voodoo” with the fossils.

Then, go to Voodoo Hideaway in Soggy Bottom Swamp and use your Spy Goggles on the Purple Screen, and then click on the sign that appears on the ground to destroy it, and collect the third fragment of the Amulet.

Almost done! On to Quest 5?

  1. I Try every combos of VOODOO but its still incorrect! Is there a photo of the correct order of Voodoo Fossils?

  2. I have found the spy kit and then talked to Linus. But, I have no goggles in my profile. The spaces (8 of them) are filled with my various armor helmets and a mohawk. No goggles. Any ideas? Cannot progress until issue is solved. Thanks!