Quest #1

Go to the Training Area and Talk to Linus.

Go to the Secret Temple in Dino Dunes and click the scroll.

Press okay (you don’t need to solve the puzzle).

Go to the Ultrasaurus Tiki Lounge in Hillside Canopy and click the scroll.

Press okay(you don’t need to solve the puzzle).

Go to Camposaurus Canvas Tent in Sub-Alpine Forest and click the scroll.

Enter EVIL ANKY into the puzzle and press okay.

Then a giant rock will rise out of the ground with the Spy Kit on it.

Click the Spy Kit to get it, but you will need to be a member to use it.

Good job! On to Quest 2?

  1. ive been having trouble getting the spy gear, whenever i click the case it shows the stufff then i click the green check mark i go to my profile and the stuff isnt even there

    • Due to all the lag and glitches, somethings, like the spy gear, load slowly or don’t even load at all for some dinos. TRy waiting a bit. If that doesn’t help, clear cache, refresh and try again. If it still doesn’t work, try using another browser.

  2. I keep clicking the Okay button but it won’t let me to Quest #2! HELP!

  3. you members r lucky i wish i was one ;(