Webosaurs Polls

Here you can vote on many different polls about things on Webosaurs. Also vote on the poll on the right sidebar.

  1. webosaursoptimas

    rock armor and emerald armor would look so cool xP

  2. Cool polls Sludge. Can you add new polls someday?

  3. Emerald Armor WOULD BE EXTREME!!!!!! Plus Ice Armor would be

  4. Thatd be cool is you could change your webosaur’s skin color XD

  5. My fav is emerald and rock. Emerald would look so cool on the spike avatar!

  6. I think Ice armor and emerald armor RULES!!!!!!!! Woot Woot.

  7. wow ice armor for non members!yeah!

  8. i think ice armor is awsome and i wish they had pets for non members

  9. emerald or sapphire armour would be COOL! And an ice armour for non members would bring a smile to each of their faces…