Webosaurs Mods

  1. Ceno

  2. carbo

  3. What happened to mio and neo

  4. Paleo oh wait he isnt a mod anymore

  5. Naruto_Kakashi

    and Karo?

  6. Jura!Jura!you forgot Jura!he was on yesterday and he will be on today !

  7. oops i got hyper XD

  8. webosaursoptimas


  9. Oli, Tria, and Twig.

  10. Hi Im Garaltsu88!
    You forgot Reo

  11. I am friends with ALL of them up there.

  12. Except hade. Who that dino?

  13. You for got PPPPPPPPProto!

  14. I am friends wirh arch,ordo,ceno,maybe carbon,sun and moon.

  15. Hey Sludge! How about modosaurIrvine? ROFL!
    Just kidding dude, I’m kinda bored! ๐Ÿ˜€


  16. Were loosing mods because Ceno and moon and ordo and bones are barely on

  17. I saw ordo once during the month and saw DEVO today in the morning at 7:11 AM

  18. i ma back dudes bless webo and all bless ya all!/

  19. i think tert is most joyful mod lol

  20. you forgot my webobrother carbo

  21. You have forgotten:Sun,Susieq,Karo,Twig,Thunder,Eo,Hade,Carbo and Paleo!

  22. Claw

  23. Okay,
    You need to add Eo and Taco.
    And, since you only put active mods you need to remove Phan Meso and Camb.

  24. Sludge you forgot Hade!

  25. And you forgot Taco!

  26. You forgot Carbo too!

  27. you forgot modosaurnano!

  28. webosaurs should make more charcters and more non membe armar

  29. You forgot Funnyguy2

  30. Modosaureclipse and Modosaurmercury are new to the modosaurs

  31. I think you forgot modosaurpaleo…

  32. What ever happened to Cryo?

  33. how do you become a modosaur

  34. lol. thanks. but i am only ten and i live in england!lol lol lol!

  35. how many mods are there?