Webosaurs Developers

This is a list of the Webosaurs Developers/Artists/Creators
  • Agusman – Animator
  • Colgate
  • CopperAAA
  • Flyboy – Creator and founder
  • Juan
  • Kickinwing – Artist
  • Martincho7
  • MasterMarsky
  • Mio – Head Moderator
  • Walnut – Head Artist


  1. *cough* hellooooo *cough*


  2. Rex Is Awesomeness!

  3. I don’t think Juice is a dev anymore. He doesn’t work for Reel FX anymore.

  4. webosaurskingnick

    Im A Blogosaur!

  5. Theres a new Dev named Hoppppperya or something like that

  6. HopperAAA was renamed to CopperAAA.

  7. Hey Sludge what happened to the blogo page?

  8. Mischief left now…

  9. I see that the Devs are mixed (active and non-acitve. Why don’t you seperate them? Top part active, bottom part inactive…What do you think?

  10. Jovu and Kicknwing. Both new artists.

  11. Rex-retired but visits occasionally,mainly for parties

  12. Jovu and Kicknwing are active

    • They create everything you see on Webo. They make the rooms, draw the characters, animate stuff, fix the bugs and glitches and many more things.

  13. cool how do you become one?