Webosaurs Codes

Here is a list of Webosaurs promo coin codes. They give you 1000 coins each. If you know any other codes please comment them so that they can be added to the list!


















How to use them:

Total: 17000 coins

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  15. I know another code! Siwebofan!

  16. Except siwebofan is expired.

  17. Hey Sludge nice work! Can you show me how to make Promotional Codes?

  18. Thanks Sludge. I wonder if there’s more codes coming out because I’m trying to get the proficient gear for Stretch, Horns and Pterry. (I have all the nice gear for Rexxy)

  19. Playing games to obtain coins takes a long time

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  27. you’ll never guess what I found out at the qustion game in the forest floor gives you way more tokens than eny other places in the islands so if you score 500 you get 500 how about that

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  33. where are the island codes?

    • The codes listed above are the only known ones at the moment. Just copy one and paste it in the code box on Webo, and you will get 1000 coins for each code. πŸ˜‰

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  35. thanks for the coin codes

    • We’re glad that they’re helping dinos out with coin boosts! Almost all the cool stuff around Webo needs coins to be acquired. πŸ˜‰
      Remember that if you need more coins, you can play games which now also give XP.