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BBB party items are here

Woot! If you guys were at the BBB New Years party last Friday, and answered correctly one of Pterry’s questions, then you should now have the item you chose as a prize! I got my eel! Woot! xD
What did you get? Share with us!


Happy New Year!

Since 2011 is just around the corner, I want to wish you all a very happy New 2011 Year! I hope it’s filled with happiness and best of luck for all of you! And as Charles Dickens once said, “A Merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to the world!”

See you next year! 😉


Security Party Review

Woot! The party was totally bluggin’!

We started off from the Secret Temple and then moved around the island throwing stuff at each other! We went on investigating the monsters!

After that we began training in different games to improve our skills, so that we are ready for anything that might happen!
Overall it was really great! Can’t wait to see what’s up for next week!


WeboGames Finale Ceremony

Woot!It was totally Awesome!

We Started with a parade from Prairie Pool to Soggy Bottom.Then to Webo Ridge and Finally To Lizard Lounge.

Then After Not Very Long, Mio announced who the Winners are!

First of all some Honorable Mentions.
Fifth Place goes to Turtpip!
Fourth Place Goes to Me With 12 points!
Third Place goes to Coolhlh with 13 points!
Second Place to Chipmunk, with 16 points!
And First place goes too… OUR VERY OWN SLUDGE! He scored 20 points! Way to go!

After that, a very Special guest showed up…REX!

He showed up and we all had a great time! Remember everyone who took part in WeboGames get a special Red medal! Woot! And Congrats To the Winners!You did Great guys! And for all of us who didn’t score the First three, don’t worry! Maybe next year we’ll have better chance! 😉

‘Till the Next time,


Comedy Night Winners!

“Phew! What an awesome weekend and what an awesome week ahead we have! My head is STILL spinning from everything that went down this weekend. Friday night we had a good old-fashioned Comedy Night and there were some side-splitting jokes being told. Congrats to our winners!

3rd Place: Turtpip

“Where does a Snowman keep his money? In a SNOWBANK!”

Runner Up: Sludge

“Justin Bieber’s song baby recently got it’s 400 millionth view… Half were from REX!”

Winner: CPDarkRai

“Why does Santa go down chimneys? Because it SOOTS him!”

Congrats to all our winners, winners lookout for your trophies!”

“Sunday we had a rockin’ Guess Who? Party. Dinos were dressed as their friends, devs, characters and celebrities, I could barely figure out who was who. I guess that’s the point though! We waited and waited and I think some of us thought that Rexxy would never come, but eventually he did and his surprise was worth the wait! When Rexxy finally did arrive we finally figured out what he’s been working on for the last week. WeboGames are coming back! There will be more details to follow, but Opening Ceremonies for WeboGames are tomorrow night at 19:00 WST! Let’s get ready to compete!


It was a reall cool weekend!Can’t wait ’till WeboGames Start!


I Had A Sixth Sense

Hey dinos,

I just wanted to make this post for the blog entry contest, if you like it vote for it here. About 14 months ago, before gold armor came out, a glitch happened to me. I was walking into the armory to check if the gold armor had come yet, and I saw it there, but no one else could see it.

Then, after I bought the armor, I noticed that it wasn’t in my profile. Instead, buying the armor gave me 3 Mimo scuba gears, 3 of each volcano trophy, and 3 of 2 of the cheesey trophies. I could have just kept those trophies and not said anything, but instead I sent a bug report explaining how I got all the trophies, and that I didn’t want them because I didn’t earn them. The devs than took the trophies(except for my original volcano trophy), and scuba gear out of my cave. That day I promised myself that someday I would get all of those trophies back, by earning them, and that is exactly what I did.


75,000 Hits Contest

Hey dinos,
I wasn’t sure what to do for this contest, so the contest will be for you to come up with ideas for my upcoming 80,000 hits contest. You can comment 1 idea every day. Winner gets a coin code. Good luck!

Game of the week!

Its that time of the week again, where we choose the game for the week! And mio has told us this exclusive, that this weeks game of the week is…….




Go get playing!


*EXCLUSIVE*Talk with Flyboy!

Hey dinos,

Out of nowhere the one and only FLYBOY popped up!He gave some info about the MVA’s and the Dance Actions.Here are some pics:

There will be a Giant Piano you will interact/play music with!

Dance actions will come this week:

It will be awesome!

And during the MVA’s he would want the some of the servers to be full.

Is it possible for servers to get full?What do you think about the talk with Flyboy?

Comment below!


Credit to JohnnyNitro’s Webosaurs Cheats.


Hey Dinos,

There’s a new Mod! Welcome ModosaurHade!