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Party Items Finally Here!

Hey Dinos!

The items from the past few weeks are now delivered to the caves of those who had made it to the parties. They look really awesome, and you just have to love the Spike action Figure! Even I think it looks awesome! The volcano is also pretty sweet, but I personally like the Fudge Volcano better. Now I’m even more excited about the other items we’re expecting!

What do you think about them? Do you like them? Share with us! ūüôā


2nd Okvango Cave Item is Here!

Hey dinos,

The second Okvango cave item from last weekends party finally arrived. If you went to the party the item should be in your cave now.

This cave item is really cute. Hopefully Okvango will be free soon to help Spike take over the island. Do you think it is cute too?


Defend Webosaurs Island Poster Is Here

Hey dinos,

The Defend Webosaurs Island Poster from last weekends Horns Rally is finally here. You can find it in your cave if you went to the party.

It looks nice, but I like the Spike Poster is much better. Which do you think is better?