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ModosaurCeno/Hornstrkier Birthday Party!

Hey everybody! Ceno and I have the same birthday, which is Feburary 3rd! Next Wednesday we are going to have a party on Webosaurs!! Here is the current information planned so far for the party:

Date: Wednesday Feb. 3

Server: Jurassic

Room: Gushing Geyser

Time: Currently Unknown (Ceno’s Shift)

(Credit to sludge for help planning the party)

Come! It will be fun!! We will come up with some really funny stuff there šŸ˜‰ We will sing happy birthday?? I might even give out 3 coin codes! There will be at least one coin code tossed out so give it a try! I promise a party to remember!!


Win cave of the Month!

Do you want to be cave of the month? Here are all of the benifits:
You will get a coin code from me and you will also be featured on my blog and the cave of the month page. I will choose a random cave that looks very good to win. But since, it’s the first time, comment with your dinosaur name and I will judge your cave Remember you have to be my buddy to win. I really need entries! Comment with your entry. If you click on the picture it will say the page is still being made.


I will only be reading comments on my blog not this one. Sorry for the inconvience.

Coin Code Contest Poll

Hey everyone. I have some coin codes and I really want to get rid of them fast! Vote on this poll and choose what I should do with them.


Updates on Parties

Hi everyone. I have some news. I know how sludge told you how Chrisdog is having a party! That is true! But santa is NOT going to be a moderator. I talked to modosaurceno and he said that wasn’t true. So don’t expect any of that. ~Hornstrkier

Update!!! We will just have to see.

New Author

Hey everyone! I am hornstrkier a new author on this great blog! I might post on here once in a while! Here is a really old picture of my dinosaur on webosaurs if you meet me I will probably still be wearing gold armor and my player card would have a protectosaur badge.

Sludge is also an admin on my blog! To get to my blog click “Hornstrkier Webosaur Cheats” on the right of this blog in the widgets. Sludge is also a member of a “program” called Popular Blog Movement” (or PBM) to get more hits! if you want to join heres the link! Once again thank you sludge!