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Panda Fang is Out

Heya Dino’s!

The new pet Panda Fang is finally out! 😀

Panda's Buy Card

At meh Cave!

Enjoy panda Fang Dino’s! 😀

Peace in the East!


Fossil Magic is here

Heya Dino’s!

Well, dino’s after some waiting the Fossil Magic HAS ARRIVED!!!!

Fossil Magic Logo

Inside the cool Shop!

Outside in Sanoran Sands

Everything you can buy 😉

Now these items are members only Dino’s! You must be a member to buy them 😉

Djortiz: Also heres a video I made to show you Fossil Magic (Click Image)

Peace in the East!


Saturday, Sunday party with Monkeydude and Chrisdog93

Wooootttt!!!! Hey Dino’s!

We have some awesome info about some coolio parties this weekend and also TODAY!

What up! So you know we have that bluggin’ Dance Party with Horns going on Friday… but did you know about the other sick parties going on this weekend? Our homies Chrisdog and Monkeydude are each going to throw a party. Chrisdog is stopping by to throw a rockin’ concert on Saturday, and Monkeydude will be DJ’ing a party at the Gushing Geyser on Sunday. We can’t wait for these awesome events!

  • Where: Sub Alpine Forest
  • When: Saturday at 13:00 WST
  • Server: Prehistoric

The MVA guitars will be given away to everyone who comes to the party on Saturday!

Deets for the party already up on the graphic! Monkeydude will be holding it down at 12:00 WST in the Prehistoric server. Go grab your dance animation from the Bluggin’ Beach Bunker if you haven’t already and get ready to party!


Woot! Hope you dino’s can make it 😀

Peace in the East!


Webo Updates

Hey dino dudes!

We got some rockin’ new updates check em’!

Sanoran Sands

Gushing Geyser

Forest Floor

Sub Alpine Forest

Jungle beach in the Bluggin beach bunker

Time to get down and funky!

Djortiz: Also I wanted to show you the dance that stretch makes! (Click Pic)


Song and Dance Party Weekend – Friday and Saturday

This weekend is a Song and Dance Party weekend! We’re kicking off the two day celebration with a KARAOKE night and following up on Saturday with a DANCE PARTY tournament. Put on your dancing shoes and clear your throat for a fun weekend ahead.

Karaoke Night

A party chosen by you! Karaoke Night will work just like Comedy Night. Everyone who comes to the party will have a chance to get up on the stage and sing a few lines of their favorite song. You can even invite some friends to come up for backing vocals, or do a duet! At the end of the party, the guest judges will pick the top 3 performances and award coins and cheesey trophies.

Where: Lizard Lounge (in Webo Ridge), Jurassic Server

When: Friday, July 30th – 14:00 WST


Dance Party Tournament

Day two of the Song and Dance Weekend is an all out Dance Party Tournament. No sign ups, just show up for the event and we’ll do groups of three. A mod will be in game for each one to referee the scores. We’ll just keep going until it filters down to two people left for a final. All dances will be held on hard mode and the tournament will be single elimination. We’ll be meeting in Buckland’s Peak and all dinos will stay in the peak unless their name is called for a round. After the round all dinos are to head back to Buckland’s Peak until it is their turn again.

Winners of the Dance Party Tournament will be getting the coveted Raptor Trophies!

Where: Buckland’s Peak, Triassic Server

When: Saturday, July 31st – 12:00 WST


Good Luck Dino’s!

Peace in the East!


Game of the Week – Dino Dig in Sanoran Sands

Hey gang! This week’s Game of the Week is Dino Dig in Sanoran Sands! Unearth some glorious dinosaurs and other prehistoric fossils the same way real paleontologists would. Carefully brush the sand away using your brush, then use a variety of other tools to break up the dirt and rock standing in your way to unveiling a brilliant fossil! Careful though, you’re on a timer so work quickly before the fossil is ruined forever!

There are two Dino Digs on the Island, but if you want to unlock the extra coins for Game of the Week you need to go to the Sanoran Sands one. Have fun digging, dinos!


Peace in the East!


Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: Big, flippered awesomesaurs

Mauisaurus – The longest sea reptile

Q: What was the biggest of all the swimmers ? -Optimas

A: This question was actually answered back in October, but thought it would be a great refresher. The first point I’d like to make is that the main “swimmers” of the Mesozoic were called plesiosaurs (they were not dinosaurs). They were big, flippered sea reptiles like Liopleurodon. Although, to be sure, the Mesozoic had a rich abundance of sea life! These guys were just the biggest ones.

The Mesozoic was populated with a whole host of incredible sea reptiles that terrorized everything else in the sea. We’ve talked about Liopleurodon before, who was the largest of them all but the longest is actually Mauisaurus.

Like Liopleurodon, Mauisaurus was a plesiosaur. Mauisaurus measured out to be a whopping 65ft (20m) in length and was the longest sea reptile of them all. Found only in New Zealand fossil beds, Mauisaurus must have been a fearsome predator during its day. They’ve even found a fossil of one fighting a mosasaur!


Hope you enjoy this Dino Fact!


Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: Prehistoric Slimers

Koolasuchus? More like... KoolaAWESOMEus

Q: What was the largest amphibian during the time of the dinosaurs? -Muclser

A: We all know the Mesozoic was the time of the dinosaurs. But we’ve also learned about the flyers, the swimmers, the bugs and the mammals. One group we haven’t talked about is the amphibians! You know these creatures today… frogs, salamanders, geckos and much more. As with many modern day creatures that existed in the past, the Mesozoic versions of amphibians were huge creatures!! The most common type of Mesozoic were the Temnospondyli, which were prevalent in the Triassic and few survived through the Cretaceous.

Koolasuchus, pictured above, was one of the biggest Temnospondyli. This dude grew to be about 16 feet  (about 5m) long! The picture above doesn’t do it justice.

Koolasuchus was the size of this boat. Must have eaten some pretty large bugs.

You may not know this, but there was a large extinction event between the Triassic and Jurassic periods (want to know more? ask me in the comments) and it killed off most of the large Temnospondyli. The remaining ones through the rest of the Mesozoic were mostly small, except for our super awesome friend Koolasuchus – who lasted through the Early Cretaceous.


Hope you dino’s enjoyed this Dino Fact!


Lava Solution Party – Tuesday

Doggy posting,

Hey dino’s! There will be a Lava Solution Party (NEXT TUESDAY) check it out!

Credit goes to Rahuu

Tuesday: Lava Solution Party/Socialization – STOP THAT FLOW!

Time:17:30 WST (Webosaurs standard time)

Where: meet at Carnivorous Cavern – Jurassic Server

Special Guest: Katy Perry (Katyperryosaur)

Be there or be prehistory!


Webosaurs GOT TALENT!

Doggy posting,

Hey Dino’s!

Well, we are having an all new competition this Saturday! It’s called – Webosaurs Got TALENT!

Time: 12:00 WST

Day: Saturday

Info: You may work in groups for this competition 🙂

The place will come soon!