Enter to win a Webosaurs.com membership!


Hey 2.0 dinos,

I’ve been hiding away a $20 Ultimate game card membership (that’s redeemable on the NEW Webosaurs.com) for a while and I’m finally giving it away to celebrate the release of the newly born Webosaurs! It’s easy to enter, COMMENT your DINO NAME and EMAIL in a comment on this post.  Then, in exactly one week from today (October 7th) I will put all of the dino names in a hat and I will select one dino name and that dino will win the $20 Ultimate game card! The winner can buy 3 one month memberships on Webosaurs or memberships to other virtual worlds if he/she chooses to do so!

So what are your waiting for? Submit your comment now! One comment per player please!


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  1. Name: Dukster
    Email: ************

  2. Name: Wohoo
    Email: *********

  3. Name: Dogy
    Email: *************

  4. Name: Dude
    Email: **********

  5. Name: Zoo
    Email: ********************

  6. name coolhlh
    email ****************

  7. Name: Irvine

    Oh, do we must include our email?

  8. Name: Dsung
    Email: *********

  9. Name:Snarl
    Email: **********

  10. it its very good and newly born webosaurs is amaizing!

  11. Name: Jemster
    email: ************

  12. Name: Chillsaurus
    Email: *****************

  13. Name:RexxyTheBeta
    Email: *********

  14. Since my memberships gonna run out soon anyway.

    Name: Rah

    Email(Please block after the comment is approved): ***********


  15. Dino Name: Sathvik
    Email: ************

  16. Boxcreater
    Email: **********

  17. Name: BlameSpongeBob
    Email: *********

  18. Name: Doctervondar
    Email: *************

  19. Name: HawkHorn
    Email: ************

  20. Name: Gerbil
    Email: *************

  21. Name: tyranita
    Email: *************

  22. i want win because i never been a member be for i wan to to see what it fill like because every thing is for member and i need a spy kit

    • Don’t worry! Even without membership, once all the bugs and glitches get fixed, Webo 2.0 will offer so much more to nons. There will be a big differenece. And at the moment even members can’t get the Spy Kit, because it’s glitched. Everything will be fixed soon! 😉

  23. I want to be a member zo exited ^^

  24. NAME:SONIC982
    EMAIL: *************

  25. Whens my comment going to go on? I want to enter too!

    • It will not be approved until PERcY writes down the e-mail. Until then, we cannot remove it, and thus we cannot approve it yet. But don’t worry! It’s here. 😉

  26. Name: Pterryosorus
    Email: ************

    P.S. yeah now im a non member XD

  27. Thisduderock


  28. dino name:milkshake140

  29. webosaursoptimas

    Optimas but im not putting a email

  30. Hey!! Add me!!
    Name: ArmorDood
    Email: ************