Comedy Night Winners!

Hey dinos,

Comedy night wasn’t as bad as it was last time, thankfully. The muscles theme made it tough to come up with good jokes, but there were still some good jokes. Here are our winners!

  • First Place- Milkshake and Dukster
  • Second Place- Sludge
  • Third Place- Rockdoom

Congrats to the winners. Did you have fun at the comedy night?


About Sludge

Sludge doesn't budge except for some fudge.

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  1. There was no tie sludgeh, me and Milky were partners in our joke :3

  2. It sounds like it was fun! I was going to come, but the WiFi connection crashed and I wasn’t able to find another source…

  3. Im sad i didnt win the trophey,but i was not good at comedy.

  4. Oh,you still didnt post the winner of the number guessing contest.

  5. I would totally win the comedy night if only eb didnt had a super lag! XD nvm congratz to the winnerz!