Horn’s Message to Team Webo!

Hey dinos!

Horns came to tell us a message. That message was hard to get, since there was WAY too much lag. Nonetheless, we got the messages.

Well, there you have it. They’re “busy” planning. I think that they’re really the evil ones, since they’ve trapped the poor eel! We at Webosaurs Cheats do not believe in this, and encourage everyone to join the DETE. (the Dinosaurs for the Ethical Treatment of Eels) We also believe Horns, and Team Webo, will fail horribly. SPIKE FOREVER!!!


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  1. sludge and remi snap out of it.hes brainwashing you

  2. Ahem…Not all at Webo Cheats think so Sludgey…;]

    • Yup, all of us at webo cheats do! 😀 It’s part of the rules, I guess. and who said Sludge said that? ;D

      • Hah, I thought it was Sludge! xD
        I didn’t look at the name…or the ProfPic. lol
        Sorreh for the mix-up.
        Oh, and we all have the right to have a personal opinion on this blog right? ;]

      • Yep, but this blog supports team Spike 😉

      • Well…I don’t say I don’t support him (at least not anymore xD, but I also don’t say I do…To be honest…I’m not on a side anymore…Just chillin’ on neutral ground. 😛

  3. Team spike forever!!!!!!! and spike doesnt brainwash us we choose to be on his side

  4. Spike wants no fun on webo.

  5. Webosaurs forever! You guys are brainwashed, you should just give up Spike lovers.