Mechanical Dino Item Is Here!

Hey dinos,

Today the winners of the bug squashing contest were chosen and I was one of them. Mio quickly delivered the Mechanical Dino item to the winners caves. Here is what it looks like in a cave.

This item is really cool and will NEVER be released again. Do you like it too?


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  1. The item is really awesome! Congrats to all and good work! 🙂

  2. i wasnt there 😦

  3. who were the winners?

  4. ya but i was at a race from thursday to monday lol

  5. Cool. Can u ride it because if u can, could I……plz.I played it a day late and I didn’t win booooo and I thought I could get a chance to win, but I never. 😦 Any way congrats to the winners and tats wat happen when u do a great job…….u have a cool prize.:)