Snarl’s Dino Facts: Edmontonia

Hey, hey, hey there! I hope you’re enjoying Christmas and having fun with your families!I’m sorry that this week’s fact was a little late, but it is Christmas after all! I hope you understand! 🙂
Anyway, today the star of the fact is Edmontonia!Here we go…

Edmontonia which means “From the Edmonton Formation” was an armoured dinosaur, which lived in the Late Cretaceous Period. It is named after the Edmonton Formation, now known as the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, which is the unit of rock it was found in. Edmontonia was discovered in 1924 by George Paterson near Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada. It was named Edmontonia in 1928 by Charles M. Sternberg.

This Dino was one of the last armored dinosaurs to thrive during the Cretaceous Period. It was also one of the largest armored dinosaurs, standing at over 7 meters(23 feet) in length!

The large spikes were probably used between males in contests of strength to defend territory or gain mates.The spikes would also have been useful for intimidating predators or rival males, protection, or for self-defense.Edmontonia might have also crouched down on the ground to protect itself from predators and minimize the possibility of attack to its defenseless underbelly.

Other interesting facts:

#1.The Edmontonia could have died due to drought, dried up, and then rapidly became covered in sediment when the rainy season began.
#2.Fossils of Polacanthus come from the Isle of Wight, southern England, and perhaps from North America, in South Dakota.
#3. Edmontonia lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous Period, 75-70 mya.

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