EBs Dino Facts – Nanotyrannus or baby T-rex…

Ello Dinos! We all know about T-rex’s but a new species of Trannosaurid is confusing specialists!?

NANOTYRANNUS! (by the way in the picture the little one is the Nanotyrannus and the bigger one is the T-rex) When this dino was first found, it was classed as a new species. But nower days, scientists are having second thoughts, could this be a juvenile T-rex? There are differences between the Nanotyrannus and a Tyrannosaurus:

  • T-rex teeth was thick, while Nanotyrannus teeth was thin and blade-like.
  • Nanotyrannus had more teeth than previous juvenile T-rex’s found.
  • The structure of the brains and the shape of the skulls was also different between the two.

What are your thoughts on Nanotyrannus?  A Baby T-rex or its Own Species? Comment below on your thoughts! I’d love to see what you guys think!

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