Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: Prehistoric Slimers

Koolasuchus? More like... KoolaAWESOMEus

Q: What was the largest amphibian during the time of the dinosaurs? -Muclser

A: We all know the Mesozoic was the time of the dinosaurs. But we’ve also learned about the flyers, the swimmers, the bugs and the mammals. One group we haven’t talked about is the amphibians! You know these creatures today… frogs, salamanders, geckos and much more. As with many modern day creatures that existed in the past, the Mesozoic versions of amphibians were huge creatures!! The most common type of Mesozoic were the Temnospondyli, which were prevalent in the Triassic and few survived through the Cretaceous.

Koolasuchus, pictured above, was one of the biggest Temnospondyli. This dude grew to be about 16 feet  (about 5m) long! The picture above doesn’t do it justice.

Koolasuchus was the size of this boat. Must have eaten some pretty large bugs.

You may not know this, but there was a large extinction event between the Triassic and Jurassic periods (want to know more? ask me in the comments) and it killed off most of the large Temnospondyli. The remaining ones through the rest of the Mesozoic were mostly small, except for our super awesome friend Koolasuchus – who lasted through the Early Cretaceous.


Hope you dino’s enjoyed this Dino Fact!



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