Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: We’ll Triceratops’ ancestors look a little different than you’d think


Q: Who is the first ceratopsian that first appear? Irvine

A: Good question Irvine! As you know, ceratopsians only lived during the Cretaceous perod. Still, their history is a little fuzzy because of an incomplete fossil record. Ceratopsians are very well known for being the most “all-american” dinosaur. That is, the vast majority of their fossils come from North America, and a few in Asia.

As far as paleontologists can tell, the earliest known ceratopsian dinosaur is Psittacosaurus. Unlike other ceratopsians, these guys were bi-pedal (walked on two feet) dinosaurs and were about the size of a gazelle. Psittacosaurus is a genus of dinosaur, and known for having the most species of dinosaurs than any other genus even though it is not as famous as the Triceratops. They first showed up on the earth during the Early Cretaceous around 130-100 million years ago.

Their sharp beak is perhaps the most significant characteristic it shares with other ceratopsians. The rest of it doesn’t look too similar to a Triceratops though!


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