Doggy’s Daily Dino Fact: Again with the Strange looking Dinosaurs

Hey dino’s!

Sorry, but i just now noticed Rex’d dino fact post 😀 So, here it is!


Q: Archaeoceratops is a dinosaurs that looks like protoceratops and gallimimus mix body, why? -Irvine

A: That’s a very interesting question Irvine. Archaeoceratops and protoceratops were both ceratopsians but belonged to different families. Also, they existed during different times of the Cretaceous. Still, the fact they belonged to the same Infraorder means they would havehomologous traits.

Homologous means they come from the same ancestor. These traits are very important in determining taxonomy of a creature. Frills on two different ceratopsians would be considered homologous because they were derived from the same ancestor, even if they looked slightly different.

On the other hand, Archaeoceratops may have had similar features to Gallimimus (standing upright, I assume?). These creatures were not related though, and the traits look the same (and may have the same function) but don’t come from a direct evolutionary line. These are called analogous traits.

Example of an analogous feature – a bird wing and a bat wing both serve the same purpose, and look similar, but they do not come from the same evolutionary line. Their wings are considered analogous.

Can you think of two animals who have analogous traits? Homologous traits?


Hope you liked it 😀


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