ModosaurCeno/Hornstrkier Birthday Party!

Hey everybody! Ceno and I have the same birthday, which is Feburary 3rd! Next Wednesday we are going to have a party on Webosaurs!! Here is the current information planned so far for the party:

Date: Wednesday Feb. 3

Server: Jurassic

Room: Gushing Geyser

Time: Currently Unknown (Ceno’s Shift)

(Credit to sludge for help planning the party)

Come! It will be fun!! We will come up with some really funny stuff there 😉 We will sing happy birthday?? I might even give out 3 coin codes! There will be at least one coin code tossed out so give it a try! I promise a party to remember!!


About Hornstrkier

I am an online gamer that likes to play many online games :D

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  1. pssst…I’ll be in Webosaurs at 13:30 WST (1:30 CT)