Doggy gives MORE Coin Codes!!

Doggy posting,

Hey dino dudes! I got some more coin codes!! SO this is what i want you to do so that you can get a chance to get them first! I want you to stay on this blog BUT keep refreshing so that you can try and the coin codes first!

The coin codes from me will be postponed until Tomorrow AfterNoon! I’m doing this because, of the time that it is and i want everyone to have an equal chance 🙂 Really sorry dino’s!


About Evac789

Hi everyone this is my blog about club penguin. I will try to keep you up-to-date with all the club penguin things and cheats possibly. My penguins name is Evac789. I live on the united states and i know Billybob in real life. I met him when me and my family went to visit a cousin in canada. Does anyone know the canadian national anthem because i dont!!! LOL. Leave as many posts as you want. If you have any questions leave a comment and i will answer back. Evac789 OUT!!!!!!!

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  1. its good for me,
    P.S. Hope i get them :D!

  2. u r not really going to give us coin codes u just want ur blog 2 have more views